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Move & play like a human

MonkeyFit beinhaltet die volle Bandbreite unserer natürlichen Bewegungsfähigkeiten, vom Laufen, Balancieren, Springen, Bewegen auf allen Vieren, Klettern, Schwimmen, Heben, Tragen, Werfen, Fangen, bis hin zur Selbstverteidigung. Hierdurch gelangst Du durch zu einer umfassenden Fitness, welche Du im Alltag nutzen kannst und dank der Du auch für Notsituationen hervorragend gewappnet bist.

  • Du möchtest umfassend fit werden
  • als Athlet verletzungsfrei & leistungsfähig bleiben
  • wünschst Dir als Trainer, Betreuer, Erzieher oder Lehrer neue Ideen für funktionales Training & Bewegungsspiele?
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If at first you don't succeed...
If at first you don't succeed, smartly practice some more months. 😉

Music: Lucky Thirteen by Martijn de Boer Ft: Stefan Kartenberg & Javolenus #parkour #play #SeeAndDo #ParkourStrength #trailer
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1 month ago

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Chur! 😉

Very cool... music too.

✨yeeahh, ein neues Video 👍🏽💪🏼😆

Great! 💪💚

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Winter's for strength
Klingon mating: The male reading love poetry while ducking rocks thrown by the female. ...Train like a girl! 😀

Music: Octagon Pt.1 by Polyrhythmics, based on a work at #parkour #play #parkourStrength #gmb #fightingmonkey #SeeAndDo #naturalmovement #MovNat #trailer
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3 months ago

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😉 😉 😉 good luck #TEAM ♥

Only crazy! (I was see today 6 times this your video of your group movers!!)


Kick, pull, jump, throw, climb
The foundation of self-defense is to first learn how to maintain your health and high spirits even without any external attack. I kinda enjoy how seasons come to our help over here these days, providing chill to strengthen our constitution and rain for us adapt to slippery surfaces. 😉

Music: Dawn at the Top of the World ft. copperhead & Robert Seikawitch by Ivan Chew, / #parkour #play #movnat #calisthenics #naturalmovement #parkourstrength #FightingMonkey #SeeAndDo #trailer
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4 months ago

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Excellent use of your world as your primal playground. And great to see how many women are playing so joyfully. Primates playing together works for me. ZK

kiss the ground gently
It ain't age that makes it hard to move nimbly,
it's the years spent doing nothing the like. 😉

If you, like me, find your mind shying from flying, find yourself encouraging testing grounds -like postbags on the beach- and first familiarize yourself with all the ways of kissing the ground...

Music: "Fiddles McGinty" Kevin MacLeod ( #parkour #play #beach #javelin #parkour101 #diveroll #breakfall #roughhouse #FightingMonkey #rewild #tribe #simplify #SeeAndDo #evolvemoveplay #MovNat #gratitude #courage #nature #forest #trailer
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6 months ago

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Amazing video. .... 😀 🙂 (y)

Maria Christogiannopoulou

Next Events

Ninja Skillz

Ninja Skillz

März 25, 2017, 11:00am - März 25, 2017, 2:00pm

Darmstadt, Hessen
Darmstadt,   Map

WAS // Bewegungsspiele, Parkour, Kraft, Raufen & freies Training. Einsteiger willkommen. Wir trainieren gemeinsam, keiner bleibt zurück.

KOSTEN // Auf Spendenbasis (8-10 EUR, give what you can)

TREFFPUNKT // Spielplatz 'Hochseilgarten', in der Mitte der Rudolf-Müller-Anlage // Adresse: Darmstr. / Beckstr., 64287 Darmstadt. Karte:

MITBRINGEN // Kleidung die nass und schmutzig werden darf, leichte Sport- oder Barfußschuhe, Wasser & Verpflegung nach Bedarf, am besten in einem kleinen Rucksack. Sowie, wenn Du zum ersten Mal an einer Session teilnimmst, einen unterschriebenen Ausdruck des nachstehend verlinkten Haftungsausschlusses:

KIDS & TEENS // Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren nur mit schriftlicher Einverständniserklärung der Eltern. (Download siehe oben) Kids bis einschließlich 14 anfangs nur in Begleitung eines Erziehungsberechtigten.
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Life gives a damn about your gender, age or what you think you cant --
so do we. ;)

#parkour #play #SeeAndDo

Life gives a damn about your gender, age or what you think you can't --
so do we. 😉

#parkour #play #SeeAndDo
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5 days ago

Were born with amazing skillz that grow every time we use them
-- how nuts would we be not to?

Take time to play, laugh & evolve; build courage, strength and good energy to support yourself & your fellows ❤️️
#parkour #play #explore #ForOneAnother

We're born with amazing skillz that grow every time we use them
-- how nuts would we be not to?

Take time to play, laugh & evolve; build courage, strength and good energy to support yourself & your fellows ❤️️
#parkour #play #explore #ForOneAnother
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7 days ago

Limbo. "Consistent with certain African beliefs, the dance reflects the whole cycle of life....The dancers move under a pole that is gradually lowered from chest level, and they emerge on the other side, as their heads clear the pole, as in the triumph of life over death".

Makes me think: At times it's the ability to bend and rebound that allows you weather a low blow. Also -- this game adds a fun new meaning to 'setting the bar high for someone'. 😀 Go low, dance, live & celebrate! <3

#limbo #game #backbend #dance #elasticity

Test thyself & dance the Limbo! 😀 It's name might originate in the word 'limber' and that you really got to be. Also it functions as a movement screen: If you can't bend backwards far enough, your frontal line may be too taut in places; If you get down but can't get up again and collapse at some point -- ping, there's a weak spot. So, dancing the limbo, as well as watching those dancing, may help you spot possible weak links -- which is prerequisite to fixing them. Oh and yes, it's a helluva lot of fun into the bargain! Party!

By the way -- you can lower the stick to the point where folks walk through on their knees. We gotta try this next time! #limbo #MovementScreen #game #WomenMove #SeeAndDo #WhatMakesYouMove
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2 weeks ago

When you negotiate with your fears and come to a working agreement.

I love these moments. Regardless of how impressive the results -- it's the process we launch inside, the triumphal experience and exuberant joy of overcoming your self -if but a bit-, that empowers and backs us up when next we choose to face something we previously sought to evade.

Many thanks to the modest man who made us see. <3
#parkour #fear #courage #life #SeeAndDo
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3 weeks ago

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Hat mal wieder gut getan, auf der Mauer zu stehen und an der eigenen Lebensperspektive zu arbeiten.....schaue ich runter oder da hin, wo ich hin will 😉 Konzentration helps - Danke für den schönen Tag, Astrid <3

A little jump for humanity, a big jump for the little child inside 🙂 Thank you for that wonderful play yesterday!