Outdoor Training, das Spaß macht!

Kleine Schritte bewirken mehr als große Pläne.

Egal welchen Alters, egal mit welchen Voraussetzungen Du beginnst – wir entwickeln uns und machen Fortschritte in allem, das wir regelmäßig tun.

Workshop Abwehrkräfte aktivieren

für robuste Gesundheit und die Fähigkeit, trotz Widrigkeiten gut zu leben.

Dieser Workshop zeigt, wie Du auf einfache, natürliche Weise Deinen Organismus stärkst, Widrigkeiten leichter nimmst und häufiger gesund bleibst.

Natürlich fit • Senioren

Gesundheitsprophylaxe, die Spaß macht! Wir üben gemeinsam im Freien natürliche Fähigkeiten, die Dir alltäglich von Nutzen sind und mittels derer Du zugleich Balance, Koordination, Kraft sowie Gehirn und Nervensystem aufbaust.

Act as if you‘re courageous - Act as if you‘re courageous  You can teach an ol‘ human new tricks! Unlike in wolves or chimps, our human brain remains adaptive all through our adult stages. That means as long as you live, you are able to learn and adapt. Especially if you further this capacity by physical play, learning new skills, and frequent problem solving.  Every time you decide to face unfamiliar situations, practice something new or expose yourself to unused to conditions, you trigger an orchestra of internal messengers that allow your organism to adapt.  The more complex and sparkling a task, the more likely you grow new synapses and emit brain derived neurotrophic factors which help consoldidate and develop your entire nervous system.  Hence, the more regularly you explore something unwonted, interact, dare yourself, and push your limits—especially in joyful ways—the more skilled you get at learning and adapting to whatever may come your way.  So act as if you‘re courageous: Take a risk, get started, use that amazing body of yours, and push yourself to contribute what you deem valuable. To your team, your family, your job or community. Whether or not it seems to effect much.  Use your abilities and make some eyes sparkle. Including your own.  Music: Soulfood by frametraxx.de • Jointly inspired by: https://jamesclear.com/start-succeed • #parkour #play #Winter #SeeAndDo #parkourEdu #trailer

Act as if you‘re courageous

Act as if you‘re courageous You can teach an ol...